Having read my supervisors’ feedback on my work, it seems I have managed to get over the first hurdle of my PhD studies. Now I can finally relax a bit.

This morning, I read a novel (without a deadline, summary and references!) and ironed our 14 work shirts that were left after washing over the past two weeks.

After noticing that I was doing housework, Luca started cleaning the whole bathroom.

After ironing, I baked Cheese and Pea Muffins which I have wanted to make. When we travelled to Venice in April, we were invited to a lunch party at his relative’s house. His cousin’s wife made us the pea muffins for a starter, which was really, really delicious! When we left at the end of the party, she gave me the rest of the muffins, which we had with champagne at our accommodation for dinner.

I found many recipes of savoury pea muffins online and tried one of them today. My muffins didn’t taste bad, but they did not rise well. Maybe I added too many peas.

More than anything else, I am very happy to try this recipe and to have such a relaxing and peaceful weekend!