I came to show lots of contextual pictures and videos to the students, because I realised that it is extremely important to give the students much time to get to know the context, find words and phrases they have already learned, and find out what they do not yet know in the context.

The girl who told me about her difficulty learning the language before, attends class every week and has become motivated! Without her ‘complaint’, I would not have changed my teaching style and would have continued to pack a bunch of new information into each class. That sounds horrible to me now!

Another realisation of teaching is the relationship between us. I try to use instruction words carefully, such as ‘we are going to do…’ and ‘we have learned…’, instead of ‘you are…’ and ‘you have learned…’. To add to our intercultural atmosphere in the classroom, the teacher-student power relation undoubtedly exists to some extent. I want to minimise it, because making them relaxed is, ideally, my teaching style.