Week 30


My signature dish: chicken and macaroni bake


The ethics committee has finally granted my ethics clearance!

It was in Week 20 that I started working on the application forms. It took two-and-a-half months to shape my research protocol, information sheets and consent forms. A couple of weeks ago, I received a request for modifications from the committee, and resubmitted a response letter and the full application documents on Friday. Shortly after that, I received the clearance.

It was a great relief to reach this stage, and I can finally start my data collection during my trip starting next week!

All through Week 30, I have also worked on writing Chapter 3 of my thesis, and had a supervision meeting on Friday as an annual progress review. My supervisor said that I have done much more work than I needed to. This is a very good thing regarding work, and I was glad to hear it!

Throughout the summer break, I have worked at home from 9 am to 11 pm (Luca said that I am an authentic workaholic), having a short break every two hours, going shopping for groceries and doing some paperwork sometimes.

This weekend I cooked a macaroni bake for dinner and made Japanese mochi dessert, and also watched an anime movie, ‘Your Name’. The anime had a high quality of colouring techniques, and all of the scenery was very beautiful. The story was moving. I can understand why the movie has been screened at cinemas for over a year.

Goals for Week 31:

  • Resubmit my working drafts
  • Safely fly to Tokyo and start my fieldwork
  • Work on translation for consent forms



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