Week 32



It’s been very humid and hot in Tokyo. I have been meeting with a lot of people who are relevant to my research. Week 32 can be described as ‘walked hard’.

I started conducting my preliminary fieldwork in Tokyo. I visited two facilities, and I was allowed to make observations in seven medical consultations and take notes. In each, a doctor, a nurse, a patient and the patient’s family were there. The doctor introduced me to the patients, and we greeted each other. It was an opportunity for the patients to understand who I am and what I am studying. Eventually, I was able to select some patients who are likely to be eligible and take part in my project. I also had a great opportunity to meet several doctors who are likely to participate in my research.

There is one thing that greatly contradicts my expectation. Initially, I had planned to observe two kinds of healthcare services. One is a physician home visit, and my observations of the home visit have been going well. The other one is nursing homes for elderly people, which turned out to be a very different setting than I expected in terms of the interactions between the older people and the professionals.

Some healthcare professionals gave me advice, telling me that I might need to focus on physician home visits. Home visits can be a type of social situation involving multiple people, such as a doctor, a nurse, a patient and the patient’s family members for most of the cases. In addition, doctors who are willing to go for home visits to elderly patients’ houses are highly likely to have an interest in the concept of patient-centeredness. I am now organising my fieldnotes from the observations.

Apart from my work, I met up with seven friends of mine! The reunions were great. One of my best friends, Juri, told me that she is opening her new shop soon. This wonderful news made me very happy, excited and motivated for work! Again, I am very happy to have wonderful friends and have gained opportunities to meet great advisors.

My achievements in Week 32:

  • Started networking with healthcare professionals and made observations in seven consultations

Goals for Week 33:

  • Complete the translations of consent forms
  • Attend Luca for Tokyo sightseeing for five days
  • Complete my fieldnotes from the first observations



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