Week 38

Continuing my preparation for the review meeting (coming in 10 days), I have read some crucial books for writing Chapter 2 and kept records of the summaries.

I am so stupid. I spent the whole week thinking about and trying out whether to keep a notebook (of the summaries) as handwritten materials or digitise all of them. Since I started my PhD programme, I have used Evernote to keep and manage my records of everything including papers, a reading diary, my drafts, session notes, summaries of meetings, important links, documents, cooking recipes, and whatever. At the same time, I have been using my Moleskin notebook and diary to physically write some summaries of my reading and referring to some websites to find useful formats and examples to organise information for a literature review. I was obsessed with finding a new format for five days and eventually found that the digital tool, adding a piece of note in Evernote, is the most suitable for me. This feels like I have wasted a week!

Luca’s work contract finished last week, so he has been staying at home to apply for new jobs. I am not sure if this is because he is staying at home, but I baked buttermilk scones and lemon drizzle cake this week. On Friday, I took him to a Chinese buffet restaurant for lunch and an Italian ice cream shop for dessert, and we eventually spent the afternoon eating, walking and shopping. That was a nice weekday date, for a change. We ordered from Pizza Hut for Saturday dinner, like we did during our MA programmes. I understand that thinking about the future and what you want to do for a profession while being under undue pressure from family is one of the toughest situations to be in.

Goals for Week 39:

  • Continue my preparation and practice
  • Finish some translations of my field notes
  • Celebrate a memorable date!

Week 37

My probation review was postponed to October because the panel is too busy this month (which is painful for me)! This means that I have more time to prepare for it, but my nervousness never slackens and has rather grown. My preparation includes

  • reading my documents thoroughly (research protocol, one chapter, ethics application and field notes);
  • creating a summary of my research and preliminary findings which I will give to the panel orally; and
  • preparing responses to questions ranging from general to specific questions.

I have also started reading a pile of books to write Chapter 2. My first summary of it will be due around 17th October.

My goals for Week 38:

  • Continue my preparation and practice!
  • Share transcribed conversation notes from my fieldwork with my supervisors

Week 36


This week, I have had calm and relaxing days at home while cleaning the house, responding to accumulated emails and preparing my presentation for the probation meeting coming in 10 days.

Luca is now in an uncertain position, as his internship contract will be over in a week and any prospect of staying at his current job has not been seen. He has started applying for jobs, being under pressure from his family.

Goals for Week 37:

  • Make sure that I am ready to deliver my presentation and respond to questions from the panel