Week 54: Back to normal

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Two weeks have passed since I returned to Tokyo. I have fully recovered from the flu and got back into a normal routine of work: wake up at 6 am and have a chat with my partner (there is a nine-hour time difference between the UK and Japan), have breakfast, then work.

I started making hand-written field notes on 9th January, and I keep writing about everything that happened, who I have met, and what I have done. I also have another notebook to record my systematic literature search and review in Japan. But at the same time, I digitise them as well, because if I lose these notebooks, I cannot complete my thesis. Field notes are so valuable for research!

I very much appreciate the Japanese winter weather, which is mostly sunny and warm every day, and the winter daylight hours are much longer than in the UK! I am also enjoying Japanese food and cooking for myself every day.

On Saturday I met up with a scholar who has helped me with my research since 2016. We had an in-depth discussion on our research topics (basically we share the same research interests) over fish and chips at a restaurant. He gave me many suggestions and ideas to solve all of the issues with my data collection. That was a kind of miraculous moment for me. Before meeting him on that day, I had some uncertainty about the amount of data, but I shared my feelings with him and asked for solutions. He had an established network to solve my concerns and gave me help, and needless to say, all of my worries were gone. I offered to do something to help him in return, because I really would like to do something for him. We discussed organising some seminars for his students, and I am going to help them, which I am really excited about!

This is my advice about fieldwork. When you have concerns, just ask experts or scholars, and offer something (coffee, a meal or helping with seminars).

My achievements in Week 54:
Recovered from the flu and got back to normal.
Had a very meaningful discussion with a scholar and gained support for my research.

Goals for Week 55:
Start systematic literature search.
Edit Chapter 2.

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