Week 56: Lowest temperature in 48 years

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On Monday, we had the heaviest snow in Tokyo since 2014 and experienced serious traffic disruptions. I was visiting a research participant to explain my research. The meeting went well, I was able to receive a consent form from him, and we arranged for three-day data collection in February, which was perfect! After the meeting, the snow was getting heavier, and I was stuck at a train station for two hours. On Thursday, Tokyo recorded the lowest temperature in 48 years of minus 4 degrees Celsius. Throughout the week, it has been incredibly freezing everywhere in Japan!

I wanted to be active in Tokyo and did not want to waste time. This week, I visited four Shinto shrines in Tokyo and Kanagawa with my father to pray for good health, good luck and for the smooth process of my fieldwork in Japan. The four shrines are my favourites: Yushima Tenjin is the most famous shrine of scholars in Tokyo, Okunitama shrine is one of the five major shrines in Tokyo, Samukawa shrine is famous for removing bad fortune and preventing you from negative energies and Tsuruoka-Hachiman-gu is a very popular place in Kamakura. For me and many Japanese people, visiting shrines is an important ritual. I often feel that I miss praying at shrines when I am in England.


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Yushima Tenjin, a shrine of scholars

On Tuesday, I sent my short diary on my fieldwork to my supervisors. Since then we have talked to each other via emails and I constantly get advice from them.

On Thursday, my initial plan for collecting data on this day was postponed because I needed to wait to hear the result of my ethics application. I am telling myself ‘be patient, don’t rush, I still have time’…

One more piece of news. I got an extension to the submission deadline for an online journal. I couldn’t make it for the initial deadline and gave up attempting to submit my work. But I am lucky! I will start working on it and will try to complete my paper by the extended deadline.

Goals for Week 57:
– Have some meetings with my research participants and attempt to arrange schedules for data collection in February.
– Continue working on my paper and editing chapters.



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Japanese fortune-telling paper strip. ‘Great Blessing’