Week 79: Good health habits

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Writing definitions

Research-wise, I have been reading key studies and working on a section to define a concept. Maybe I am struggling a bit with it, over how to structure different definitions of one concept proposed by different authors, and eventually how to logically link discussions to a conceptual framework. The most striking thing for me is how different each author’s description of the definition is from the others, and how complicated it is to define a concept. Which one is better for writing definitions: writing in the traditional style of a literature review, or setting priorities and keeping it simple? I spent long hours consulting some methodological books and making an online search. My progress was quite slow this week, so I am working on it over the weekend to make up for wasted time.


Healthy habits

Since I started cooking meals every day and enjoying weekend baking in May, my stress levels have been reduced dramatically. Spending a little time cooking for relaxation makes me feel better and less stressed. Also, I have noticed that once I have taken the first healthy habit, other good habits have grown automatically: I started measuring my body weight and basal body temperature every morning, doing yoga by watching yoga videos at home, and Luca and I just signed up for gym yesterday.

Here’s a list of my healthy daily habits:

  1. Keep a health diary: weight, basal temperature, mood, etc.
  2. Make a smoothie for our breakfast
  3. Clean the house for 30 minutes, so as to spend more time standing and moving rather than sitting at my desk
  4. Drink water frequently
  5. Cook meals at home
  6. Eat a lot of vegetables and fruit
  7. Do yoga at night for 20 minutes
  8. Sleep for eight hours

Of these eight items, I did only three last year. Most of them I started doing just two months ago, and they have become indispensable in my life.


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Mango and pineapple smoothie


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Monday dinner: Sauteed haddock with green salad and Japanese omelette


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Thursday dinner: vegetable curry


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Weekend baking: cheese and pea muffins


My achievements in Week 79

  • Read key studies and literature and worked on setting an analytical framework.
  • Kicked off my journey into fitness!

Goals for Week 80

  • Finish the section defining a concept.
  • Transcribe data.
  • Exercise for 30 minutes per day.

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