I’ve worked on outlining my methodological framework for analysis as well as preparing transcripts. Yesterday I sent my revised sketch of it to my supervisors.

One achievement in week 111 was not just completing this, but also building a habit to write my thesis every day.

Since I felt bad about having had an unproductive time last week, I read a few articles and books on scientific ways of being productive and more consistent in writing. I then decided to try one method.


Building habits to write

My focus is to write my thesis on a daily basis, even on my teaching days and holidays, aiming to submit it in December.

I decided to try “to create a micro-commitment where it’s impossible to fail” (from the website, How to Form a New Habit) and award myself a small win if I have written even one or two sentences in a day. So I visualise it – I write a checkbox in each day of a calendar and log it.

The key is habit-building; to take action and get small wins. Actually, even if I had intended only to write one sentence in a chapter draft, once I start, the concentration is likely to last for a few hours (Mel Robbins’ The 5 Second Rule!). I’ve done it for all seven days this week. The best part of this is that there is an actual deadline for my thesis submission. So, this is not forever, even if it feels like forever.

Now I am writing about it as well, making a public declaration about thesis writing, and you observe me. I’ll have to follow through with this huge commitment.



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A photo from a lovely Sunday lunch with Luca’s mum



My achievements in Week 111

  • Revised my methodological framework and shared it with my supervisors.
  • Worked on a transcript of one case.
  • Started a gluten-free diet and have lost 1kg so far!

Goals for Week 112

  • Maintain the writing routine and the gluten-free diet.
  • Make a full transcript of one case.
  • It’s observation week: my class will be observed and I’m going to observe my colleague’s class. I’d like to be modest, to learn and give feedback.