I just want to share some positive thoughts about job applications. In December 2018, I applied for my current teaching position in London. When I read an article to recruit a teaching staff at a university, the application deadline was already two weeks passed. But it still had a direct email address and a name of the person in charge. It seemed too late to apply, so I gave up.

But, the article kept coming up in my mind for the next three days, and the contact details were still there. Although 18 days had passed from the deadline, I decided to send my CV to the address, being honest and saying in the email that I was afraid of the fact that I only recently came across the posting and I still hoped to be able to secure an interview – also making sure that anything I mentioned in my CV and cover letter was exactly most relevant to the role.

Three days later, I got a reply and invitation to an interview. Probably, I was very lucky, or this kind of thing might happen to anyone. The invitation included some information for providing a teaching plan and a 15-minute taster session, and I only had three days until the interview day.

I created two plans just in case, PowerPoint slides and printed the slide sheets just in case. On the interview day, it turned out that the meeting room for us only had a board not a screen, and I had to deliver my session without slides, so the printed materials significantly helped the situation.

For the interview itself, I did some preparation by researching the university, making notes on interview questions and answers, and practice, practice, practice, practice on the train to London.

Overall, I was a little bit relaxed, maybe because I wasn’t actually expecting to get the position and I had nothing to lose in any case. The panels were senior lecturers, and they made me feel welcomed and more relaxed. As a result, we had a good discussion on their classes and general teaching skills. In the end, I was offered the role.

When you missed a job application deadline, trust your intuition and apply for it anyway. A deadline cannot be a reason to give up if you knew the contact detail. Although I tend to indulge in wishful thinking, I do believe that it’s always good to look for a positive side. You won’t lose anything with trying!