In the middle of April, I flew to Yakushima Island in the southern part of Japan, my mum’s hometown, and stayed for two nights.

The best part of the trip was mum’s cooking, of course! – and also, one of the most recognised waterfalls in Yakushima, Senpirono Falls.



It is massive, with a 60m drop, and the mountain view is simply magnificent.

The strength of the waterfall was extreme that day I visited, because we had had rain for the previous two days and also that morning. Yakushima gets a lot of rainfall; even outside the rainy season, Yakushima gets a lot of rain.

This place, Senpirono Falls is very inspiring and makes me feel purified in body, mind and spirit.



I flew from Tokyo to Kagoshima with Japan Airlines (JAL), then take a commuter flight to Yakushima Island.




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