I love browsing “writing tips” and learning many excellent methods and the small habits people have! This inspires my motivation a lot. I write mainly for my academic life, but writing is a beautiful art, and my favourite hours are spent immersing myself in it.


Here are my seven habits when writing!

These are not unusual and will seem mundane for many people. By doing the following seven steps, I have established my daily writing routine.

  1. I set writing hours in my calendar. I then make a promise with myself not to miss it, and keep the promise.
  2. One session is two hours. I set a timer for two hours in the morning and do the same in the afternoon.
  3. Before starting, I prepare English breakfast tea.
  4. I turn on my phone’s Airplane Mode, so I won’t be distracted.
  5. Environment matters to me. Many writers think environment doesn’t matter and it doesn’t have to be special. I need a relaxing, private environment. I open YouTube and search “solfeggio frequencies 741 hz” and play a music list.
  6. Self-editing yesterday’s work is my first task each morning. This is my golden rule and necessary before going forward or submitting. I self-edit my draft as the very first piece of work in the morning.
  7. I used to learn “general-to-specific order”, which is commonly used in academic writing as the deductive method. But now, I admire the technique of starting with the simplest summary of the paragraph in the first sentence, and clarifying it for the rest of the paragraph. It greatly helps readers to follow the rest of the paper, and my supervisors keep telling me to do this.


There are just a few of my tips. They have helped me so far on my journey of thesis writing and informal blogging! 🙂