My second time in Sicily – Taormina, Catania, Modica

My first trip to Sicily was in August 2016. I can remember it was boiling hot in the city centre of Catania. I got a swimsuit and swam at a rocky beach, and I swore that I would never bake my skin again!

Three years later now, I bought a new bikini and swam in a villa’s private pool with Luca and his parents every single day and obviously got a suntan.




Luxury villa

For me, luxury means richness of nature, beautiful ocean, fresh air or stunning historical sites. The villa that we rented for five days had all these elements in its vast estate.

This was a typical day: at around 8 am, we wake up, have espresso, brioche and fruit for breakfast, and go to the pool. We swim and rest, and a few hours later, go to a bar and have Sicilian granita and brioche for lunch. Then, we go back to the pool, and I would read a book while lying on a poolside sun lounger. In the evening, we dress up and drive to a nearby town, have dinner in a restaurant and chill out.

What a perfect holiday! I just felt so grateful for his family to have me and show me lovely views of different towns.





Needless to say, the food in Sicily was absolutely delicious. Top three meals I was impressed by were:

  1. Seafood pizza at Ristorante La Tegola in Modica – The best pizza I’ve ever had.
  2. Fresh pasta with sardines and fennel at Osteria Tre Colli in Scicli.
  3. Mum’s home-cooking: grilled sardines and swordfish, oven-baked amberjack, etc.

I also love the coffee in Italy, which is significantly different from that in England, even though I can’t explain why. You can also get lovely ice cream everywhere in Sicily!





It’s a beautiful holiday place where you can see the coast and Mount Etna. Whenever I was sitting at a bar having granita and I could see the coast, I kept saying, ‘It’s simply beautiful.’ I felt completely happy to be where I was. Any negative thoughts (stress about work, etc.) vanished.




Modica and Scicli

The southern part of Sicily has a very different atmosphere and features. We really enjoyed the landscape of the historic old towns and buildings from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, which are beautifully maintained. Modica is also famous for chocolate shops, and we went to the oldest chocolatier, Antica Dolceria Bonajuto.



I would love to return to Sicily next year, ideally in spring or autumn, to spend more time with Luca’s family and enjoy a variety of seasonal foods! 🙂