Lemon drizzle cake is a quick and easy teatime classic. I’ve read that around 40% of Brits name lemon drizzle cake as one of their most-loved treats.

I have baked Mary Berry’s lemon drizzle cake many times. I loved her all-in-one method and would often use baking spread – with consistently good results!

A quick lemon drizzle cake often comes to mind as the first choice for Saturday baking, as I almost always have lemons and limes in the fridge. I regularly get citrus fruit for juice, cooking and cocktail making.

From a large pool of online recipes for lemon drizzle cake, I adapted a recipe Polly Welby’s famous lemon drizzle cake, and eventually changed ingredient quantities slightly. This was experimental. I used a loaf tin and baked it for 45 minutes in a 170°C oven, and the cake turned out a lovely golden colour and beautifully baked – airy, very moist and flavourful, and not too lemony.

I would love to bake this again, experimenting with changing the order in which the ingredients are mixed. Then, I will share my method of making lemon drizzle cake with you – soon, hopefully!


We enjoyed the freshly baked warm cake and a cup of coffee in the afternoon, which was my happiest hour of the day.


Lemon drizzle loaf cake – Sweet British classic