I’ve made slow progress in writing during the week.

My objectives are to revise the findings chapter, and add a thematic map of my interview analysis before the present findings. I never imagined that I would be revising this one chapter throughout the whole year.

Especially, deciding on the presentation of the findings chapter and writing it took time – a whole year in my three-year programme. These 12 months have also included establishing an analytical framework and writing the discussion chapter in parallel.

I’ve understood how important it is to make perfect logical sense between the analytical tools and findings. Still, I never expected that one single chapter would be revised so many times.


Coffee break at Melba. Coconut and pineapple éclair.


Inspiring quotes

They say that things never work out as you expect.

But, my supervisor says that everything happens on time.

I believe that a new perspective or an idea to solve a problem naturally comes to you when immersing yourself in one moment at a time – focused.

My single favourite TV programme is Dragons’ Den, and I often jot down good quotes from the dragons while watching. It surprised me that all the notes I took are similar. The dragons’ pieces of advice have lots of commonalities, and it seems like I am attracted to the same message:

“Focus. Concentrate on your work. Become the expert of it.”

I also love reading Deborah Meaden Quotes.

Whatever I read or watch, these sort of messages always get caught in the fine mesh of my conscious and tell me that I must carry on with my studies.



Christmas plans

Luca and I have some exciting plans for Christmas! I will fly to Japan to spend a week with my family in the middle of December. After that, I’ll return to the UK, and then we will fly to Germany to spend Christmas with his family. I am very excited to have lots of family time over the Christmas season and to see all of them for the first time in six months.



Lunch at Benedicts

On Saturday, we had a lovely lunch, as we always have, at our absolute favourite restaurant, Benedicts. The three-course meals at the local restaurant were fantastic, and the attention to detail in the charming presentation was superb, as always. We loved the relaxing and welcoming atmosphere, the chef’s trifle for dessert, and the time we spent there. After lunch, we did some shopping for tea and Luca’s winter coat. It was a sweet and lovely Saturday.




My achievements in Week 148

  • Changed the layout of my office space and changed the direction I face while writing.
  • Worked on revising Chapter 5 and creating a thematic map of my interview analysis.
  • Booked the flight tickets to Japan and Germany.


Goals for Week 149

  • Work on Chapters 5 and 6.