Finally, after ten months’ struggle, I have completed writing the findings chapter!

For the last month, I have been amending the chapter by revising some linguistic errors and narrative descriptions and adding the findings of a thematic analysis of interview data.


35,000-word findings

Actually, the findings chapter has 35,000 words, including transcripts and translations of the original data. It comprises 37% of my 94,000-word PhD thesis.

My supervisor said she initially thought the volume was too large but that all the examples and descriptions of my findings were very interesting. This was the best compliment I’ve ever received from her. We decided to leave all of them in the chapter.

This is a characteristic of social science; looking at one single case qualitatively can be as meaningful as large amounts of quantitative data. When trying to understand someone, every aspect of their background, family circumstances, institutional culture and society can provide important non-verbal information. I genuinely appreciate that qualitative methodologies suit my studies and my being a linguist.

The last thing I want to say is that all the doctors in my studies are my heroes. Their professional mindset and skills were all brilliant and fantastic. What they said during interviews has added value, credit and support to the quality of my findings. I am happy simply to have reached a point where I’ve done something academically, even though my thesis does not change the world. I can tell the world how faithful the doctors were towards their patients.


Mushroom Hayashi rice dinner
A little coffee break before going to my class
Ippudo Ramen


45 days to go until the end of the third year

My objective this year was to submit my thesis in December 2019, but it is not going to happen. I will be editing the discussion chapter and finalising the first draft of my thesis over Christmas and the New Year. This is already a comfortable place to be in, and I would really like to enjoy Christmas time this year in Japan and Germany!



My achievements in Weeks 149 and 150

  • Completed the revision of Chapter 5.


Goals for Week 151

  • Work on Chapter 6.
  • Have a formal meeting with my primary supervisor.