I started my doctoral research project in January 2017. Three years later, today, I finished writing the conclusion chapter of my thesis.

For the past three weeks, I have been immersed in revising the discussion chapter and writing the conclusion chapter, along with intense teaching and other research activities, which proved to be very demanding – both mentally and physically.

But, writing the sections on the contributions to research, and limitations and suggestions, was more enjoyable than I had expected. It gave me the opportunity to step back from the technical arguments I had described in the main part of the thesis, and to include my observation about the benefits and difficulties I had faced when conducting the research.

Now I appreciate more fully that the discussion and conclusion comprise the essence of the paper, revealing exactly why the reader considers the study to be important. This also describes how I have successfully achieved my research goals in three years.


My next steps will be to complete the editing of the methodology, literature reviews and introduction chapter, which is likely to take another month.



A dream come true

After three years of research, I’ve finally got the opportunity to assist my supervisor in running a module in the Health Science department, which I’d really hoped for. The theme of the module is very relevant to my research, and I am delighted to have been asked to contribute to it.

Researchers like myself, who conduct interdisciplinary studies, often find ourselves dealing with a rather diverse variety of academic disciplines. In my case, my field of study involves applied linguistics, cross-cultural studies, social care and health communication. While I have gained a better understanding of health issues, my methodology mostly relies on corpus analysis. My work in these disciplines has made me think about how I could potentially fill a scientific gap in those areas, and my future directions. But it also feels very rewarding that part of my research is now being applied to another area of study – learning for future health professionals.

In addition, I have learnt so much from my experience of working with my supervisor and the module organisers and exploring how they run sessions.


My achievements in weeks 159–161

  • finished revising Chapter 6
  • finished writing Chapter 7
  • drafted my presentation for the health module


Goals for week 162

  • to edit Chapter 4


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