I cannot believe how quickly the global situation has been changing over the past two weeks. Luca and I now work from home. I deliver my teaching online. The crisis in the financial markets is going to be immense. I’ve attended online seminars held by economic experts about how a post-coronavirus world could be and how we could better prepare for it.



What I have prepared

It is now widely agreed that the impact of the coronavirus pandemic is likely to last for the long term. I ordered disposable cotton gloves from a retailer so that, during the spring and summer, we can avoid direct touch with stuff outside. We are also trying to not waste supplies and, apart from a minimum preparation, we don’t over-buy. From reading current reports about what life looks like in the cities under lockdown, we are realising how truly valuable the residents’ voices are.

Luca and I have started thinking about the following aspects:

  • Do we stay in the current place (apartment, city)?
  • Do we continue our current work or current style of working?
  • Are we financially stable for the rest of the year?
  • Who are the most important people to us – the primary ones to help?
  • What supplies are essential for daily existence?
  • What did the world experience when they had the Great Depression in the twentieth century? There is a lot we can learn from the history documents.



Teaching online

This week, I delivered online lessons to my students for the first time ever, using some software, Zoom and Microsoft Teams. I personally prefer Zoom, as it is much simpler and feels comfortable. The university recommends Teams, and all teaching staff will need to be familiar with it eventually.

It’s not easy to move classroom teaching to online, so I was really nervous about how to manage the session. The students joined in the online meeting room, and the first session went well. Maybe it’s because we have known each other for three months and established rapport. I still cannot imagine delivering a term’s course online throughout and what it could be like.



Thesis editing: Chapters 2 and 3

I’ve finalised Chapter 2, the literature review chapter, by adding some references and updating figures.

Next week I will be editing Chapter 3, another literature review chapter. I wrote the chapter draft three years ago, and it needs a lot of revision. Reading papers feels more exciting now, because I can add a lot of studies to my thesis. I am trying to make my reviews as current as possible. Hopefully, this should make it easier to position my study in the field.




My achievements in weeks 167 and 168

  • Moved my classroom teaching to online.
  • Finalised Chapter 2.
  • Prepared for the appendices.


Goals for week 169

  • Finalise Chapter 3.