Since I studied Reiki Level 1 in January, Reiki healing has been part of my daily life (see my previous article, First Experience with Reiki).

Each morning, I start my day with 15 minutes of self-healing, and then I send Reiki to my office room while imagining my day’s work going well. Treatment for my partner and room cleansing are also frequent. I never force anybody to believe in energy healing, but I do believe in Reiki.



Reiki Level 2

My experience with Reiki Level 2 was even more beautiful than I expected.

Unfortunately, the live course planned to take place in London cancelled and moved to an online platform. The school I am learning Reiki from has set two stages for the Reiki 2 course, the online part and the in-person training that will be rescheduled for later this year.

Initially, I had wished to learn from my teacher in person, but I now feel that learning online makes perfect sense. The main themes of Level 2 are a deeper exploration of Reiki and distant and timed healing that goes beyond our concepts of space and time. Thus, distant attunement is entirely possible.



Reiki 2 attunement

I sat down on my chair, closed my eyes and relaxed. During the distant attunement, I had a clear vision of the sun, which was exactly the same sensation I received during the Reiki 1 course. I felt the presence of my teacher. Then, a large circle appeared and swung into my vision, becoming larger and larger. Towards the end of the attunement, I also sensed something swinging in the shape of infinity. Both my hands became very warm, and it was a reassuring, blessed feeling.




In Reiki 2, we learn about three symbols that enhance Reiki healing. They may be drawn in the air or imagined.

The first, the power symbol, felt very comfortable, and my meditation went deeper and deeper.

The second, the harmony symbol, felt as gentle as silk. The shiny, silky energy flowed through my body and mind, and I had a feeling of compassion throughout.

The third, the connection symbol, consists of five different Japanese Kanji characters. It was very easy for me to learn the symbol because I am Japanese. I immediately leant them and started to use them. This symbol felt very different. During the meditation, I imagined three-year-old me, behaving like a boy. Suddenly, I remembered that when I was little, I used to be a tomboy.

The connection symbol enables the Reiki healer to send distant healing to anyone anywhere. As if I became a traveller, I really enjoyed the entire process of learning these symbols.



My distant treatment

Since the day I finished the online part of the course, I have used Reiki twice a day, mornings and evenings. My distant healing every evening is devoted to my family in Japan and COVID-19 victims.

My mum sent me this message after her first experience of distant healing:

I turned off the light and lay down on the bed 30 minutes before [the session]. During the treatment, I experienced a vision that I was standing on the hill, looking down at a coastal town and feeling very comfortable. I fell asleep. When I woke up, I felt nice and refreshed.

My father sent me his feedback:

I sat down in the Zen meditation pose 10 minutes before [the session]. When the treatment started, suddenly, the air surrounding me became very intense and got warmer and warmer. It lasted for 20 minutes.

I receive their feedback almost every day, and, of course, my partner living with me always tells me how he feels during/after treatment.

This week, my mum said:

The shoulder pain I had last week is gone!

Any comments from them make me happy, and I am simply happy to be doing something for them. Reading feedback is very important for healers because, as I have said multiple times, there are no other means to measure how well the healing works.

I will practise every day and keep learning energy healing as a method of complementary medicine. Later this year, hopefully, I will take a further step in my Reiki journey.