About Katie


I’m Katie, a third-year PhD student studying health communication (interpersonal communication between an individual and healthcare professionals) at University of East Anglia, UK.

I was born in Japan. After studying Linguistics at Tokyo Woman’s Christian University, I worked for a software company in Tokyo. Although I had always nurtured a childhood dream of living overseas, in my twenties I was far too busy with long hours of work, and the years went by rather quickly!

In 2012, I stayed for a few months in Oxford, UK. The following year I attended the Institut Villa Pierrefeu in Montreux, Switzerland to study International Protocol; the year after that, I resumed my stay in Switzerland to study with them further. There, what fascinated me the most was a session on intercultural communication. Combining some knowledge of Linguistics from my previous studies, I became more aware of communication skills and enhanced self-awareness of how we transfer messages while exploring our own cultural perspectives.

In 2015 I decided to start my full-time studies in Intercultural Communication at UEA. The following year, integrating all of my experience with a new direction, I started to pursue health communication for my PhD studies.

Additionally, I am a certified language teacher of Japanese and teach Japanese language and culture at universities in the UK.

Here, my blog has been devoted to recording my PhD activities and fieldwork and sharing my ruminations on communication, culture and language, and some tips to hone your communication skills. I also love cooking and baking. My PhD diary is almost always updated with food pictures.

Thank you for visiting my blog!

6 December 2018