Week 22


I got really behind my personal deadline for writing the draft. I was distressed about my incapability to deal with it, and I spent the whole week reading, writing and editing. I can describe my Week 22 as ‘a traffic jam’ caused by work I needed to do for the ethics applications, the research protocol, a chapter of the literature review and teaching two different classes. I was stressed out and had some arguments with Luca about our personal issues. That made my mental stress worse! We made friends again though.

Eventually, I finished editing my draft on Sunday night and submitted it the following morning. I managed to deal with everything at the last possible moment. It was such a heavily congested path, so I’m relieved it’s over.

My goals for Week 23:

  • Submit my ethics applications to the committee
  • Enjoy teaching
  • Take a day off
  • Bake muffins
  • Prepare for a workshop
  • Enjoy dinner with my new friends on Friday



I have been spending this weekend alone in London. Initially, I was planning to have my hair cut on Friday and go to the British Library on Saturday and Sunday. But in the end, I came here for a hair cut and good Japanese food, and apart from that, I have been working on my research inside the hotel where I am staying.

There is a Japanese restaurant in the same hotel, and the chef and staff are Japanese. That has made my stay exciting and comfortable.

I thought that it is really nice to savour the moments of being alone for a couple of days. Inside the hotel, I started making my fieldwork notes, adding some definitions for my research method and fieldwork plans. I have been able to do more productive reading and writing while having some comfort because of a change in the environment.





Week 21


My Ethics applications are nearing completion. I had a meeting with my primary supervisor to get her feedback on my draft of the applications. I also have my final meeting with an expert on Research Ethics next week.

My work environment has changed a bit. I moved into another shared office, and I got a larger, shared desk, with separations between workstations. My colleagues are in the same room, and we have air conditioners in the room! I am happy with the new office and am definitely going to spend more time working there.

My goals for Week 22:

  • Complete the final version of my Ethics applications (send revised documents by Tuesday morning)
  • Enjoy teaching
  • Structure one chapter
  • Expand the literature review on pragmatics