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Nonverbal communication

While looking at consultation data transcribed from audio files, I’ve been studying linguistic forms in spoken interactions (in primary care settings). A question flashed across my mind today and I quickly looked it up. What exactly do nonverbal cues include in general? One of the famous quotes is that about 93 per cent of communication

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‘Easy Japanese’ as a common language with foreigners in Japan

I could not agree more with the idea of ‘easy Japanese’ as a common language between native and non-native speakers in Japan. In Tokyo, the Mainichi Newspapers Co. will host a symposium on this topic in March. The focus will be the acceptance of foreign workers and language in the context of Japan’s employment situation

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Trust and Communication Skills: Mini-Introduction

I always wanted to share a quick and helpful tips series for communication skills, and here’s my very first, a brief introductory note about it. 🙂 Since 2016 – that is, for the past three years – I have collected thousands of articles on the topic of “communication skills” from any contextual category. Initially, it

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